About #eexjourney

EEX is a new kind of cooperation model for large and small companies seeking growth.

The core of EEX is a mutually beneficial exchange between large and small companies. Benefits are based on the natural differences of larger and smaller players, e.g. the agility of startups and the global coverage and customer base of large international corporations.

To kick-start cooperation, we have developed a unique program together with our partners: In Entrepreneurship Exchange, selected corporate leaders help startups to conquer challenges with their growth strategy, and in return learn about entrepreneurship. The participants grow as leaders and develop competencies and the culture needed for cooperation. 
The program was originally conceived in context of practical innovation work. We found that large and small companies have a lot to give to each other, but opportunities are underutilized, and there is a lack of practical models for concrete cooperation. In order to develop cooperation to new levels, we need to first learn together and lay the foundation for the needed capabilities and culture.

Large established corporations are waking up to the challenges of strategic renewal. New imperative calls for way faster innovation-to-market cycles and coping with challengers emerging from all around the world.

Working with startups offers new opportunities to tackle disruptions due to e.g. digitalization, globalization, and IoT.  Grounded on collaboration beyond one’s own box, the visions and strategies become more realistic and practical, yet covering ‘all bases’. 
Even a small injection of startup culture and courage can give the large company a crucial impetus to build on new growth opportunities. In similar manner, large companies have lots of opportunities to give a break for ambitious innovative startups.

The whole society benefits as well; cooperation is the fastest way to build new growth from existing assets and ideas. This leads to creation of solid jobs and better economic allocation of resources.

In all cooperation, trust is paramount. With solid base of trust, the parties can leap towards radical new goals. Trust and social capital are built over time through working side by side on hard objects where interests are aligned. Welcome on board!

Collaborate for Growth


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