Collaborate for Growth 2019

About EEX journey

The program making you more entrepreneurial.

EEX journey program deploy corporate leaders and key talents to help startup entrepreneurs as advisors. Over the journey the participants grow as leaders and develop competencies and culture needed for cooperation.

Our mission is to help all organizations to become more entrepreneurial. As we all have learnt, people learn best by doing and what would be the better place to learn entrepeneurial leadership than a startup.

We don’t offer executive training or classrooms, but year full of real life challenging assignments to solve.

This is the easiest way for busy upcoming corporate leader to...
► get to work on the whole growth company strategy.
► see the business landscape from totally different perspective.

Both highly relevant for future work with different clients and partners and your own team.

EEX journey serves both organisations and their leaders.

► Entrepreneurial organization is ready to cope and excel with rapidly changing environment. Even a small injection of startup culture and courage can give the large company a crucial impetus to build on new growth opportunities. Entrepreneurial leaders are the growth hackers.

► As a leader, startup advisory board work offers you the set of entrepreneurial skills. While you get to support and help a promising startup to succeed you boost your career with unique experience and networking. Opportunity to collaborate with a top-notch team of advisors from other large organisations is big part of the learning experience.

The whole society benefits as well; entrepreneurial action and cooperation are the fastest ways to build new growth from existing assets and ideas, from emerging technologies. This leads to creation of solid jobs and better economic allocation of resources.

EEX journey is your boarding pass to entrepreneurial leadership. Welcome on board!

Collaborate for Growth

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