Collaborate for Growth 2019

EEXjourney for Startups

We encourage you to become #EEXstartup, our exclusive startup-program for 2019-2020 to be the best partner in entrepreneurial leadership and strategy.

Our mission is to help all organizations to become more entrepreneurial. As we all have learnt, people learn best by doing and what would be the better place to learn best practices of both worlds.

EEX runs a program in Helsinki capital area which deploys corporate leaders and key talents to help startup entrepreneurs as advisors. Over the journey the participants grow as leaders and develop competencies and culture needed for cooperation.

Getting a advisory board for a year is an excellent opportunity for startup to

  • Get outsiders’ views and frank feedback on your strategy
  • Get practical advice on how to develop your company
  • Learn to work with a board and lead through strategy
  • Learn about working with large corporations and partners
  • Skills for partnerships and business ecosystems


Potential Startup-candidate checklist:

  • Full-time team (more than two founders / employees)
  • Strong growth drive
  • Significant renewal challenge or in need for new strategic views
  • Active leadership in all advisory board meetings (10-12 meetings in a program)
  • Monthly workload approximately one day (first 1-2 months a bit more)
  • Ready to accept and work with outsiders’ brutally honest advice on company’s business and strategy
  • Honest and fair evaluation and feedback to participants and to the program team for development of the model

For more information please contact:

Saara Roine
+358 40 180 1857

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to apply soonest, latest by 17th of June 2019. Please fill this form and let’s discuss the mutual opportunities!

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