Collaborate for Growth 2023 September


Announcing: 17 European startups join the 11th EEX Journey

When the going gets tough — entrepreneurial leaders in all organizations learn harder, together.

"We are making history starting the 11th EEX Journey. Bigger and more international than ever we have over 100 large corporations’ leaders and entrepreneurs from around whole Europe and the world – like Germany, the UK, Finland, Korea, the USA, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Italy.” -Tapio Peltonen, Founder, EEX

EEX's recipe for sustainable business growth:

In the EEX Journey, bravest corporate leaders step out of their corporate offices and comfort zone, becoming advisors to ambitious startup entrepreneurs. In a year-long program they learn together about bold experimenting, agile growth, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Game-changing startups of the 11th EEX Journey

Granulous 🇫🇮

"Granulous is solving the plastic crisis and hunger. Through our hands and the spent grain processes we can gain huge impact to the planet and communities. Our bio-composite with its low CO2 and biodegradability features won't never harm the nature." -Joonas Sirviö, Founder 🇮🇹

"Tourism creates amazing opportunities both for travellers and locals, sadly most of the revenues from tourism are reaped by few and the collateral damages are shared by many. We want to fix this and make tourism a regenerative force for the territories and communities involved while giving locals a voice in shaping the industry and its impact in their area." -Emanuele Dal Carlo, Founder

Cyclic Design 🇩🇪

"We are excited to embark on the EEX Journey to support our vision to make the packaging industry more sustainable with reusable, long-lasting and beautiful products. We have exciting times in front of us to develop completely new solutions with a “plus” value for the planet and hope EEX can help guide us through the upcoming challenges." -Nina Masson, Founder

Sherwood Power 🇬🇧

"Low carbon electricity, at the right price, at the right place, at the right time delivered with a recyclable storage solution that cleans the air we breathe. We store excess wind and solar electricity, releasing it during expensive periods to reduce business user cost." -Alex Hunter, Founder

Joy and Meal 🇩🇪

"Joy and Meal is the “Airbnb for cooks”. We are the sustainable and affordable meal service that provides nutritious and personalized home-cooked meals for busy families in their hectic day-to-day lives. Through our holistic digital platform, we help hobby cooks and professional chefs build and run their own private cooking business." -Noelia Gonzalez Vila, Founder

Therminer 🇪🇸

"We will be saving tons of CO2 emissions and helping everyone access to clean and recycled energy. Therminer will transform the data center industry to reduce their operation and maintenance costs while recycling the heat produced, ready to be used in houses and industries." -Gonzalo Garcia, Founder

Vacuum Insulation Solutions 🇫🇮

"We are thrilled to tickle the brains of our advisors with innovative thoughts! Our product is a novel construction element technology called VIS which is the 1st technology in the world that has harnessed a physical phenomenon called “vacuum drying” as a maintenance service for an industrial scale construction element. We want to offer our carbon negative construction element more widely to construction industry." -Pasi Herranen, Founder

Faircado 🇩🇪

"We are turning ecommerce into recommerce, by leveraging technology to make second-hand the first choice of every customer. We are therefore contributing to accelerating the switch from our linear- to a circular economy, and a waste-free world." -Evoléna de Wilde, Founder

Weeefiner 🇫🇮

"Wastewater contains great amounts of unused metals and nutrients. Weeefiner is the missing link to generate sustainable secondary raw materials from different waste and process streams. We enable truly closed material loops and lower the need for mining of virgin raw materials. We’re excited to learn from seasoned industry experts and absorb the knowledge to develop our company." -Mikko Hänninen, Founder

Simon & Josef 🇨🇭

"Simon & Josef has designed and developed a solution for hoteliers that allows guests from a two-night stay to design and personalize the room cleaning according to their wishes, while valuable resources are saved and our environment is protected." -Raphael Gaudart, Founder 🇫🇮

"We offer standard-based carbon footprint calculators built on the platform for calculating the carbon footprints of both organizations and products/services. We also provide Finland's most comprehensive emissions database with up-to-date emission factors." -Sari Siitonen, Founder

DoGood People 🇪🇸

"DoGood People enhances engagement and involves all of your employees in a sustainable culture. It also activates, manages and tracks the ESG impact of your employees. Since reputation of a company depends heavily on the sustainability of the brand, we generate newsworthy content and improve your ratings. We believe in the value of people’s actions." -Ignacio Barriendos, Founder

LignoSphere 🇫🇮

"Our long-term vision is to replace all fossil sources when making materials. Most materials today are made from the crude oil fraction naphtha, and by replacing it the last fraction of crude oil is replaced and it can be left in the ground. When replacing something, one must take care not to make regrettable substitutions and pay attention to health and safety aspects. Our vision is 100% bio-based and safe." -Nina Forsman, Founder

GraphoGame 🇫🇮

"Our vision is to increase global literacy rates among children and young adults. We are building a unique SaaS platform that utilises GraphoGame usage data to create a system that shows teachers and parents how to better support their kids' literacy learning in the classroom or at home. We would love to have experienced voices giving us feedback on this journey!" -Mervi Palander, Founder

Kompotoi 🇨🇭

"Kompotoi rents, designs and sells ecological composting toilets. Our toilets not only look good, as they are built of solid wood, they are absolutely odorless and particularly environmentally friendly. Next, we will establish a growth strategy to expand in different countries." -Jojo Casanova, Founder

SoilWatch 🇫🇮

"We will enable the sequestration of a gigaton of carbon in the soils and woody biomass of sub-Saharan Africa through methods that further support sustainable livelihoods, peacebuilding, poverty reduction, and biodiversity." -Eero Wahlstedt, Founder

recyclehero 🇩🇪

"The worldwide consumption of natural resources is way higher than our earth can stand. Therefore, we build a sustainable recycling infrastructure in order to keep valuable resources in a local cycle. Our vision: in the near future every product can basically made of recycled materials." -Alessandro Cocco, Founder

Tapio Peltonen, Founder, EEX:

“As our challenges are getting harder and more complex, every organization needs to transform in order to survive. Entrepreneurs excel in turning threats into opportunities.

It is high time to ‘walk the talk’ about innovation, entrepreneurial culture, and open collaboration. I feel awed and privileged to work with such great entrepreneurs and most talented corporate leaders.”


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