Collaborate for Growth 2023 September

EEX Journey for Startups

Benefit from an international Advisory Board!

Get a dedicated and diverse Advisory Board for one year: a board of top notch corporate leaders will be working as a team to help your startup grow and mature.
As a bonus you become part of an exclusive, international community of program participants and alumni.
👉🏽 Apply to the September 2024 program! The sooner you submit your application the better your chances are to be matched with an Advisory Board.

We are open for startups located in Europe. We have already had participants from Germany, Finland, Austria, UK, Italy and Spain - have a look at the 17 startups from the latest program.

Watch our info session to hear from Ykä Marjanen, EEX alumnus and founder of Manna Insect, an insect farming startup.

EEX Journey – how does it work?

Our mission is to make the world more entrepreneurial, and we do this by deploying corporate leaders and key talents in startup Advisory Boards. This means that for a full year (approx. 10-12 meetings, most of them online), you get to work on your strategy together with a diverse mix of 4-5 hardcore business professionals from various industries and countries. In exchange, these corporate leaders get to see how things are done in an agile startup, and learn what the entrepreneurial mindset really is.

An example of the kind of value startups can get from the EEX Journey:

"One of the advisors came in with an investor matrix, and we spent one whole board meeting looking at 10 different categories of investor readiness which is one of the big topics for us, and it was fascinating to see how my view differed from the views of my board members -- and also the Advisory Board members. That gave us great insight as to where we needed to up the game if we want to be investor ready."
Alex Hunter, CEO, Sherwood Power, UK

The EEX Journey is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Get outside opinions and direct feedback on your strategy
  • Get practical advice on how to develop your company
  • Learn to work with a board and lead through strategy
  • Learn about working with large corporations and partners from various sectors
  • Develop skills for partnerships and business ecosystems

Learn more about the program from Sherwood Power, a startup from the UK

Is this an opportunity not to miss for your startup?

This program is meant for you if you:

  • Have a strong mission to solve a relevant sustainability-driven challenge in any sector
  • Have a full-time team of more than the founders (but not exceeding 50 employees)
  • Have started commercialisation and have at least a few first customers or pilot projects
  • Are ready to take active leadership in all Advisory Board meetings
  • Are able to work with the Advisory Board approx. 1 day/month (a bit more the first months)
  • Are ready to accept and work with outsiders’ brutally honest advice on your business and strategy
  • Are ready to give honest and fair evaluations and feedback to the advisors (and to us - we are constantly developing the program to best match your needs)


There is no participation fee or equity demands; however, if accepted to the program, the startup founders commit to:

  • Collaborative participation during the EEX Journey program
  • Co-branding with EEX (e.g. on LinkedIn) and sharing about the program to other sustainability-driven startups
  • Travel to Helsinki, Finland twice during the program (January and September unless otherwise indicated)

For more information please contact:

Elisa Kitunen
Head of Movement
+385 44 588 6029

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