Collaborate for Growth 2021

Our Team

We with our partners are passionate about bringing people together to work and collaborate for growth.

Tapio Peltonen

CEO, Founder
+358 40 503 4939

Original thinker and tinkerer, rare practical strategist, who excels in figuring out what to do next, even with completely new stuff. Saving the Finnish economy as a hobby.

”Innovator’s innovator - Tapio creates bridges across industrial and cultural boundaries, and takes care of his people (and their dogs).”

Elisa Kitunen

Head of Movement
+358 44 588 6029

Heading the operations with a purposive but gentle way. Loves to help our participants to step out of their comfort zone. Champion oarswoman, guaranteed to pull our common boat faster.

”Elisa is a playful communicator with fresh ideas. She really enjoys being around innovative people.”

Noora Saksa

Manager, Customer Success & Startups
+358 45 78325338

Combining business development and data-analytics - powered by a tech background. Enjoys refining old rooted paradigm’s with an entrepreneurial mindset. Also an experimental cook who finds peace in ice swimming.

“Noora is creative, yet dynamic and results oriented. She’s a doer and her can-do attitute is likely contageous.”

Heini Karppinen

Head of Experience
+358 40 7551803

Solving business challenges related to interactive and collaborative learning opportunities is her area of inspiration and expertise. She is curious about how the platform economy is changing the world – especially how we work and collaborate.

“Heini is one of those people who loved teamwork back in school! She is fun to work with and always making sure everyone can use their strengths and develop their skills!”

Advisory Board

Tom Miller

Kirsi Hellsten

Hanna Reijonen

Mika Videman

Jouni Turunen

Sami Ärilä

Samuli Manninen

Saara Roine