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Entrepreneurial Leadership for Innovation and Sustainability

Step out of your comfort zone with
EEX Journey

More complex environment, more diverse teams, more speed and need for fast decisions and smart collaboration.

A new way of leadership is needed.

Entrepreneurial organizations are able to cope and excel in rapidly changing environments.

The EEX Journey places corporate leaders to help startup entrepreneurs as advisors in a year-long development program. Over the journey you will grow as a leader and develop competencies and mindset needed for renewal and collaboration.

For one year, 3-5 leaders from different large organizations support one sustainability-driven startup. The main goal is to learn entrepreneurial skills and mindset in practice with peers, high-potential leaders from other large organizations while helping the startup entrepreneurs with the company's growth strategy.

People learn best by doing, and what would be a better place to learn entrepreneurial leadership than a startup?

Not executive training nor an MBA; the real case of the startup will challenge the participants to utilize their all skills and learning together with the whole team. 

Get immersed in a REAL case, REAL challenges, REAL impact.

As an EEX Advisor, you will:

► Develop an agile and courageous decision-making muscle
► Gain a 360° outside-in perspective to the growth business
► Peer-learning: exchange best practices with a diverse team across different industries and cultures
► Acquire the entrepreneurial mindset, attitude and skills for driving innovative solutions in your organization
► Become a better "leader as a coach" and more effective communicator
► Boost your career with a unique (advisory) board experience and network
► Help a sustainability startup to succeed and leave a positive impact

EEX Journey attracts the most inspiring network of 300+ corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to co-creating sustainable solutions for our future generations.

We are trusted by industry leaders like Neste, KONE, Wärtsilä, ABB, Bosch, Uniper, and Deutsche Bahn.

Our people bring not just decades of senior leadership experience in their respective fields, but also a strong attitude of continuous learning and a passion towards helping one another succeed.

Find out how entrepreneurial leadership can help your organisational transformation and how you can become part of this growing network.

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