Collaborate for Growth 2023 September


The people in the program share a unanimous excitement for learning and growth. Here are some of our partners and their collaboration experiences.

Inisghts from EEX Community

Virpi Kröger

Director, Partnerships

“Helping a startup in the middle of a pandemic has taught how to overcome a difficult crisis.
Listen, be responsive and allocate limited resources carefully into actions that have an effect at the time. Explore entirely new growth opportunities instead of only focusing on defense.“

Jaakko Savolainen

Commercial Director of Business Line Batteries, Fortum

“Key to agile business development is to focus in what matters and seize the moment immediately.
In a startup you learn about the problem on Friday and present a demo on Monday. Changing course, ‘pivoting’, is not feared but part of the life. This we need in large companies too."

Juhani Väättänen

Hub Business Unit R&D Manager,

“From now on, I want to start from the problem and not the solution. In corporations, it is easier to think [technical] solutions than try to truly understand the customer needs and wants. This prevents innovation and breakthrough thinking.”

Rashmi Kasat

Vice President, Head of Digital Technologies, Metso

"I wanted to test my own limits and know what I am really capable of.I learnt the art of listening which is very useful as a leader.
I don’t need to be the one coming with solutions. Rather, coach, and let the team find their answers."

Kaija Bridger

Head of Talent and Culture
KONE Corporation

“Without the right mindset capabilities become redundant. Mindset is difficult to develop – but EEX challenges participants and help them to ask different questions. EEX is a partner we have been very happy to work with.”

Samuli Manninen

Magic Add

“My advisors' enthusiastic support has helped a lot with practical strategy and how to work with big global partners.”

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EEX Pilot 2014

Entrepreneurship Exchange was developed by a great group of entrepreneurial people, both corporate types and startup entrepreneurs, who joined forces for the pilot. (Yes, we actually practice what we preach.)


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