Collaborate for Growth 2023 September



A new round of the EEX journey is kicking off, and we want to dedicate some space for presenting the startups participating and shed some light on their expectations for the coming year. We are proud to (again!) have a diverse group of startups joining the journey, ranging from sustainable consumer products all the way to space technology. 

Indoor Informatics

Indoor Informatics offers a platform for improving service design, profitability, and customer experience in the real estate industry. They use machine vision and security cameras to optimize the usage of space in sports centers, universities, and parking areas.

“We’re hoping for a little boost through working with seasoned business professionals who look at our business from outside the box.” Aki Illikainen (CEO, Co-Founder) tells us about their expectations for the coming year with their EEX journey Advisory Board.


Emmy is a Reasale-as-a-Service (RaaS) startup, working towards a more sustainable way of consuming fashion. They offer a marketplace and infrastructure for consumers to resell their clothes, shoes and accessories online, and are now looking at entering new international markets and strengthening their brand with the help of the EEX journey advisors. 

“Since 2015, 700 000 items have been processed and published in the Emmy store, 215 000 items donated to charity and 42 000 pieces into textile recycling.” Emmy’s founder Petra Luntiala proudly describes the company’s accomplishments so far.

MÖ Oat Dairy

MÖ  is an oat powered startup founded by two sisters who grew up on a dairy farm wanting to create a new generation of fully plant-based dairy products. Their products are already available in many stores throughout the country and have been recommended in many magazines. 

The entrepreneurs Marjaana and Annamari Jukkola are looking forward to many fruitful and challenging discussions with their advisors, getting help with developing their management culture for example.


Bitwards opens the doors to a keyless world, allowing easy and secure sharing of assets. They connect doors and locks of offices, accommodation, and storage lockers into one cloud-based platform, granting access to all of them through one mobile app. 

The idea of Bitwards came from the frustrated words of CEO and co-founder Eljas Saastamoinen’s 8-year old son, looking for his keys to the garage to fetch his bike. Eljas and his co-founder Niklas Kaustinen hope to grow their network through the Advisory Board, share good ideas and learn from each other.

Aurora Propulsion Technologies

Aurora is a space technology startup, specializing in propulsion technologies. They are dedicated to creating scalable solutions and services for small spacecraft movement and life-cycle control. 

They hope to expand their business during the coming year, and are looking forward to insightful discussions with their advisors.


Arilyn is dedicated to creating engaging and emotional brand experiences through the use of augmented reality. They are already on their second round of the EEX journey: after taking a six-month break since their first round, they are now back with new energy and inspiration. 

“Our first Advisory Board was simply amazing, now we are coming back with high hopes and an open mind”, Emmi Jouslehto, founder of Arilyn, explains. 

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