Collaborate for Growth 2023 September

New Leadership for Sustainable Growth

Virtual Event on Thursday 18th November

How to reshape your leadership — to meet the biggest challenges of climate and renewal?

The virtual event is geared towards senior executives as well as all entrepreneurial leaders and entrepreneurs, the EEX Journey alumni.  

Thursday 18th November

14:00 Opening: Rethink Strategy
Minna Helle, Technology Industries of Finland
Tapio Peltonen, Entrepreneur & Founder, EEX Ltd

Keynote from 🇫🇮 Neste's sustainability transformation - faster, bolder and together
Minna Aila, SVP, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs, Neste Plc

Breakout room discussions & networking: How can I be the change-maker?

Keynote from 🇩🇪 More Value for our Future: Sustainability – Leading the change for future business success
Katja Scharpwinkel, President, EMEA, BASF SE

EEX Panel: Entrepreneurial Leadership for Sustainable Growth
Juuso Konttinen, UPM Plc
Satu Virkkunen, KONE Corporation
Ykä Marjanen, Manna Insect

16:00 Thank you

17.00 LIVE Afterparty: EEX Community reunion & networking (@Helsinki city center)


Minna AIla

Minna Aila

SVP, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs, Neste Plc
Juuso Konttinen

Juuso Konttinen

Vice President, Biochemicals, UPM Plc
Satu Virkkunen

Satu Virkkunen

Director, Environment KONE Plc
Minna Helle

Minna Helle

Deputy CEO and Executive Director, Work, Skills and Innovation, Technology Industries of Finland
Ykä Marjanen

Ykä Marjanen

CEO and Co-Founder, Manna Insect

Katja Scharpwinkel

President, EMEA

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