Collaborate for Growth 2023 September

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EEX Journey

Corporate leaders help startup entrepreneurs as advisors in a year-long leadership development program. Over the journey you will grow as a leader and develop competencies and mindset needed for renewal and collaboration.

Are you ready to experience...

1) Hands-on flexible and practical strategy work

Balancing between getting results now with very limited resources and having a strong drive for the long-term vision. The everyday life of entrepreneurs.

2) Peer-learning with ultimate diversity

Deep dive into a completely different business, actively reflecting with a diverse team of peers from different industries. Lead collaboration with understanding and appreciation towards different partners' point of views.

3) Agile board work

A unique experience of a whole growth company's development. Learn how to develop a business in the bigger picture with other board members.

Be prepared to:

  • Step out of your corporate box and comfort zone
  • Roll up your sleeves and help startup entrepreneurs on their journey
  • Collaborate with a top-notch team of advisors
  • Allocate sufficient time (c. one day a month for a year)

The ext round starts officially in September 2023 (you get to meet your team already in August 2023).

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