Collaborate for Growth 2023 September


10th EEX Journey – more sustainable and international than ever

“With partners, we have created the best sustainability-driven leadership development program. A unique approach, exchange, benefits both ambitious impact startups and big corporations looking for a way to ‘future-proof’ their business.” Tapio Peltonen, Founder of EEX

Today our community of entrepreneurial leaders grows to over 350 corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. We have new participants from Germany, the UK, Sweden, the USA, India, Austria, Italy and Finland. 

EEX's recipe for sustainable business growth:

In the EEX Journey, corporate leaders become advisors to ambitious startup entrepreneurs for a year – learning first-hand about bold experimenting, agile growth strategies, and entrepreneurial leadership.

On the 10th EEX Journey program, we have top-notch leaders from ABB, TietoEVRY, Fortum, KONE, Nokia, Neste, Wärtsilä, Nokia, Fiskars, Kemira, Gasum, VR Group, St1, Patria, OP Helsinki, Helvar, Technology Industries of Finland, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Palta, Finnish Broadcasting Company, Tax Administration, Lappeenrannan Energia and If Insurance.

Game-changing startups of the 10th EEX Journey


"We're on a mission to make everyday food climate-smart by making high-quality easy-to-use online services for assessing, improving and communicating the climate impact of food production accessible to all food companies, small and large." -Ernesto Hartikainen, CEO


"We make green hydrogen reliable, economical and profitable. CibusCell is digitalization and Artificial Intelligence for the hydrogen value chain to produce green hydrogen reliably, economically and profitably for producers, distributors, and industry." -Marcus Ruebsam, Co-Founder


"We provide an on-demand peer-to-peer parking spot rental service. We want to break the vicious cycle of increasing prices of city area parking, by bringing sharing economy to business. Also, people would not need to drive around trying to find a parking spot, thus decreasing carbon emissions." -Renne Hirsimäki, CEO & Co-Founder

Sherwood Power

"We store excess wind and solar electricity, releasing it during high use or low generation to reduce business user cost and/or generate revenue. Sherwood Power is driven to minimize waste, reduce electricity cost and make renewable energy reliable." -Alex Hunter, CEO & Co-Founder

Think RE

"We enable all industries to participate in the energy transition by directly procuring power from the wind or solar farm. Think RE supports renewable sellers and corporates to structure power purchase agreements and facilitate sustainability solutions." -Stephen Dinse, Co-Founder

Crowd For Impact

"We are offering organizations a platform to engage with and contribute to impact startups solving environmental and societal challenges. Crowd For Impact is a funding platform and sustainability management tool that allows organizations to reach their sustainability goals in cooperation with innovative start-ups." -Milja Inkeri Mäkelä, CMO and Co-Founder

VIS Wood

"We want to help the world by providing carbon-neutral, or even carbon negative, construction solutions for all environments and climates. Our spearhead product is a construction solution for vertical farming and we want to be a part of creating new, resilient, and sustainable food systems." -Panu Miettinen, Co-Founder


"MyNolla is the starting point for a whole family of sustainable technology designs made to be easy to use, access and utilize in home, office or public spaces, to reduce electricity consumption. Riot Innovations, the company behind MyNolla, makes sustainability and innovation more accessible." -Miska Karvinen, CEO & Co-Founder

Nordic Bioproducts Group

"As front runners in the circular economy, we are converting forest biomass into new valuable resources for our society. We utilize novel biotechnologies and processes to create long-lasting solutions with environmental, economic, and social impact." -Olli Kähkönen, CEO & Co-Founder

Tapio Peltonen, Entrepreneur states: 

“Every organization needs to transform in order to survive, and in order to turn the existential threat into an opportunity, into success in business. Now, we really need to ‘walk the talk’ about entrepreneurial culture, innovation, and open collaboration.”


Want to join a great community of path-breaking doers?
Application for startups and corporate leaders for the 11th EEX Journey starting in August 2022 is open!

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