Collaborate for Growth 2023 September


16 lucky corporations start learning sustainable business from these startups – brand new business models & impact

“Our startups didn’t come to play. They up-cycle food loss, remove oceans’ plastic waste from where it’s created and revolutionise the unethical cosmetics industry with an Oatly mindset.” Noora Saksa (Customers Success and Startups Manager, EEX) describes. 

The 9th round of EEX Journey – impact on a new level:

“Our team realized we’ve accidentally created the best sustainability-driven leadership development program. A novel approach that benefits both ambitious impact startups and big corporations looking for a way to ‘future-proof’ their business.” 

Here’s how it’s done:

Startups have the courage, big corporations have the knowledge. Combining these you get the most entrepreneurial change-makers. 

In EEX Journey, hungry corporate leaders become Advisors to ambitious startup entrepreneurs for a year – learning first hand bold pivoting, transformation and entrepreneurial leadership. 

Today our community of entrepreneurial leaders grows up to 300 leaders and entrepreneurs.

On board leaders from e.g. ABB, KONE, Wärtsilä, Gasum, Metso Outotec, LUT, Patria, Fortum, OP Helsinki, Helvar, Orion and Tax Administration.

Game-changing startups of 9th EEX Journey


RiverRecycle will stop the travel of over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste through rivers into the ocean. They have developed a unique, holistic circular economy solution to the ocean plastic problem called River cleaning as a free service. Their edge is to cut the plastic waste from where it’s created.

“We are looking forward to having outside in look at out company, business, approach and materials to help us develop the company.” Anssi Mikola (Founder, RIverRecycle) tells us about their expectations for the coming year with their EEX journey Advisory Board. 


Evergreen solves the problem of unhappy workplaces by getting people to give recognition to their colleagues - and at the same time plant some trees to make our planet happier. Evergreen is a Slack app that helps organizations to give more peer-to-peer recognition to each other and make a real impact on our planet by planting trees.🌳

Manna Insect

Manna Insect will reduce food loss to 0% and provide a 100% upcycled animal feed and fertilizer to replace soy and fish meal. They develop solutions to upcycle all wasted produce onsite and convert them to high quality animal feed and fertilizer.

Pinoa Foods

Pinoa Foods provides sustainable food production by reducing the use of space, water, chemicals and unnecessary transportation - within the cities next to the consumers. They build hydroponic systems for vertical farming, utilising the latest technological solutions. 

“We are truly looking forward to receiving constructive feedback on our ideas and approaches, have a push towards the right direction in order to succeed as well as have advisors who can open doors in terms of receiving funding and partnering up with potential partners.”
summarises Ralf Holmborg (Co-Founder, Pinoa Foods)


Luonkos revolutionizes the cosmetics business by creating all around human- and planet-friendly products. The startup is founded by three women who don’t cut corners: curated products in zero waste packaging bring the future to your skincare.

Tapio Peltonen, Entrepreneur and CEO of EEX states: “Every organization needs to transform in order to survive, and in order to turn the existential threat into an opportunity, into success in business. Now, we really need to ‘walk the talk’ about entrepreneurial culture, innovation, and open collaboration.”


Join an already great community of path-breaking doers. Application for startups and corporate leaders for 10th EEX Journey starting in January 2022 is open!

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