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Top hire: Heini Karppinen to lead digital development in EEX

Our mission is to help startup entrepreneurs and simultaneously make large companies more entrepreneurial. Currently, we're operating virtually. How are the entrepreneurial skills embraced through the screen? Heini Karppinen will lead this exploration.

“EEX solves a big societal challenge, which inspires me,” says Karppinen.

The EEX journey is an innovative learning & development program for entrepreneurial leaders in big organizations – both companies and government. In the one-year program, leaders "get out of their office” once a month to help startup entrepreneurs.

"Entrepreneurial leaders turn ideas, opportunities and technologies into concrete action." says Tapio Peltonen, Founder of EEX.

“Heini brings tremendous expertise, including digital peer-learning. We’re facing a great opportunity. According to our interviews, the crisis has highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship in large companies. ” Peltonen emphasizes.

Karppinen has been the CEO of startup Mehackit for the past five years. She has a strong background from the Edtech industry. The goal of the Edtech Finland association, co-founded and led by Karppinen, is to strengthen the rapidly growing industry.

“From a learning point of view, inquiry-based, phenomenon-based and self-directed learning come beautifully together in this program. They are hot trends in the field of education – academic research and practical innovations that stem from it are building Finland’s reputation in the field of education and learning.”

“I look forward to future cooperation. The participants in the EEX journey are the future builders of their own organizations and of Finland as a whole. The EEX team with it's wide networks have an incredible amount of expertise and the spirit of working together, which I value in (professional) life.”

What is the goal of EEX & Karppinen?

“We want to support big companies to develop their culture and practices to be sustainable in a fast-paced and digital world.”

Karppinen highlights ‘learning by doing’: "Through the Advisory Boards, experts who are used to developing their own companies can directly use their business expertise, consumer insight and observe new ways of continuous testing and development."

Modern learning does not work one-way:

“I am fascinated to develop the EEX journey as a whole – which digital pieces could complement a valuable concept based on presence and easily provide inspiration to a wider audience as well?”

Karppinen feels that she has a potential success story in her hands:

"I strongly believe that these ideas resonate internationally as well, and we intend to continue to expand!" Karppinen assures.

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