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Entrepreneurial HR: Professionals reveal how to make it happen

“Entrepreneurial HR is a catalyst to growth & success. It’s how you make finding and leveraging new opportunities part of an organisations culture to then deliver greater success.” Chris Roebuck, HR Thinker & Speaker says.

Looking into the future of Human Resources, Entrepreneurial HR is one of the hot topics. This realisation brought together EEX, Chris Roebuck, one of the world’s most influential HR thinkers, two fearless Finnish HR leaders and HENRY ry at the #EntrepreneurialHR-event.  HENRY is a respected national association for HR professionals.

Nine word summary of #EntrepreneurialHR

  • Engine of Opportunity
  • Inspired people
  • Catalyst for success

See the 1,5h recording here

Tapio Peltonen (EEX), Krista Puustelli-Lahti (Patria), Pia Valve (Viking Malt), Chris Roebuck

What did we learn?

1) It’s outdated to think that HR only takes care of the employees and their needs. It might also seem weird to combine HR and strategic work. This is, however, the new entrepreneurial horizon of Human Resources.

“HR has an impact on organisation’s performance culture. We are very close to people, the ones who eventually create the success. Moreover, HR is the core to make that happen.”

- Krista Puustelli-Lahti, VP Human Resources, Patria‍

2) Even though the strategic moves are not done by HR, it initiates the concrete implementation. To make a real change, everything needs to start from the core: the people and how they operate. At the same time, HR can also lead corporate level change.

“Entrepreneurial HR is not only transforming HR but facilitating the transformation into a business culture that supports entrepreneurial thinking.“

- Pia Valve, VP Human Resources & Communications, Viking Malt

3) The missing piece, understanding big picture, is what sums up the conversation. It is the meeting ground of growth and competitive advantage. Total focus on the customer is needed, regardless of the organisation function.

“Understand your role in the whole picture. That’s the starting point for innovative actions.”

-Chris Roebuck, HR most influential Thinker, Speaker & Consultant ‍

From Chris' presentation

Bottom-up actions

The message is clear – know your people & business and the entrepreneurial company culture is at hand.

This is how Krista and Pia bring it to their daily work:

💥 Facilitate workshops that bring together people from different functions to learn from each other
💥 Support your entrepreneurial leaders and employees. When looking for solutions and ideas, a boss should be a supporter, not someone who pinpoints mistakes.
💥 Constantly ask the question “Is my team’s work beneficial to the end customer or not?”
💥 Really look outside of your own company, get to know the business and understand strategy (read Krista's blog about EEX Journey experience)

Got inspired? Chris has a perfect challenge for you!

Can your HR team make an effective SWOT analysis of your company?

Take 15 minutes and try it out. This can also be a measure to all of the teams in your organisation - everyone should understand the business enough to make a SWOT-analysis.

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