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#EntrepreneurialWoman: who's your source of inspiration?

Entrepreneurial individuals act on and shape opportunities that create value for their organizations, their community, and the wider society.

We did the math and found that out of the 150+ entrepreneurial leaders in our EEX journey alumni network, only 40 are women. Because of this, we want to encourage women to be more bold, more entrepreneurial, reach for higher positions and passionately follow their dreams.

To do this, we asked our female alumni for their role models of entrepreneurial women that have inspired them.

Because there is nothing more inspiring than talking to amazing people and meeting your role models, we also want to bring all these wonderful people together for breakfast so that they can meet to share their experiences.

Who is your source of inspiration, and why do you admire her?

Share her with us on social media with the hashtag #EntrepreneurialWoman, and we will make sure you both get an invitation to join the breakfast!

How entrepreneurial leaders act? According to Rita McGrath:

  1. They passionately seek new opportunities.
  2. They pursue opportunities with enormous discipline
  3. They pursue only the very best opportunities and avoid exhausting themselves and their organizations by chasing after every option.
  4. They focus on execution – specifically, adaptive execution.
  5. They engage the energies of everyone in their domain – both inside and outside the organization. 

Source: The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Strategies for Continuously Creating Opportunity in an Age of Uncertainty (Rita Gunther McGrath, Ian MacMillan, 200)

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