Collaborate for Growth 2023 September


Online Event 18.11. 8:00 Learning to innovate like a startup – Case KONE WORX

EEX journey participants & veterans share their insights about learning new business. We’ll highlight the new KONE WORX venturing unit.

How hands-on experience with startups have helped them co-create new innovations with clients and partners? Comments will address the future needs for skills and culture.

Online Nov 18th 8:00-9:30

8:00 Welcome & introduction, Eevi Vaahto, Development Manager, EEX

Ups and Downs of building a venturing unit, Timo Tiainen, Head of KONE WORX

Mindset Push: Business Design in a large company, Etti Seppä, Business Designer, KONE WORX

Comment: Learn like an Entrepreneur (or Die), Tapio Peltonen, Founder, EEX

Interview & questions: Large and small innovators, different or not?

9:00 New Capabilities & Culture Needed, Kaija Bridger, Head of Talent and Culture, KONE

Future Scenarios and Learning Challenge – #SkillsData, Laura Juvonen, Executive Director, Growth & Skills, Technology Industries of Finland

9:30 Event ends

Event partners: EEX 💛 KONE 💛 Technology Industries of Finland


“The pace of change is unrelenting in today’s world. Disruption is constant, and companies need to continually re-invent themselves. The work we are doing is super-challenging due to the level of uncertainty involved.” Timo Tiainen

“We look at what’s changing, behavioral shifts, where the start-ups are buzzing, and then we try to interpret what it all means. We form a hypothesis and test it. And if we’re wrong, that’s fine, because we learn valuable lessons.” Etti Seppä

If you have any questions, please contact:
Elisa Kitunen
+358 44 588 6029

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