Collaborate for Growth 2023 September



“We expect to get outside of the box view to our current vision and strategy as well as innovate by mixing our industry expertise with advisor's top tier experience.” Mario Henningson, CEO & Co-Founder of DroppX is excited.

Also Jaakko Timonen from No No No ready to work with the Advisory Board: “I'm looking for brutally honest feedback and advice."

A new round of the EEX Journey starts today. In EEX Journey, corporate leaders learn entrepreneurial leadership skills and mindset directly with startup entrepreneurs. In the program, they help startup entrepreneurs as an Advisory Board for a year.

"We're proud to have a diverse group of startups selected for the journey, ranging from learning gamification all the way (up) to airships. The Advisors are super motivated to help and develop themselves which bodes well for their large companies.”

“Entrepreneurial Leadership in all organisations is now more critical than ever." states Tapio Peltonen, Founder of EEX Oy.


Headai is a Finnish technology company developing Cognitive Artificial Intelligence for enabling data flows and predictive simulations inside skills data ecosystem.

“EEX Journey provides strategic advice and coaching for Headai to see what we can't see in order to remove obstacles to growth.” Anu Passi-Rauste (Head Of Business Development) comments.

No No No  

No No No is a platform that brings together consumers and businesses to resolve complaints transparently.

What makes them different is that unlike any other review service businesses always have a fair opportunity to respond and fix the issue BEFORE they get rated. Consumers only rate the outcome of the resolution.

In other words, No No No helps businesses retain customers and manage their reputation.


Kelluu produces continuous aerial inspection or surveillance as a service, using a unique lighter-than-air concept.


Game based learning specialist with a solid globally scalable product – Seppo Gamification Platform – that is provided to education and corporate customers as a SaaS solution

Seppo's team is looking forward to getting new viewpoints to corporate customer needs and buying patterns.

DroppX Technology

DroppX transforms the way goods are delivered within cities by connecting businesses and customers with independent local couriers enabling anyone to get nearly any product delivered in less than 60 minutes.

Are you interested in developing yourself as a corporate leader or get your startup on board? Apply for the next round starting in August 2021!

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