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Diverse & international Advisory Board for your startup? Apply for EEX Journey!

Sustainability-driven startup entrepreneur, are you dreaming of an Advisory Board? Next rounds of the EEX Journey program is kicking off in December 2022.

In EEX Journey you will get your own dedicated Advisory Board for one year.‍

The Advisory Board will consist of top-notch business professionals from various large organizations - every Advisor has their own distinctive area of knowledge, eg. business development, innovation, sales, internationalization, HR etc. The Advisory Board is there to help you build growth and long-term success.

What we expect from you?

☑️ Committed full-time team
☑️ Sustainability-driven business up and running (but still big challenges to solve)
☑️ Strong will to grow and internationalize
☑️ You're ready to visit Helsinki, Finland twice (September 6th-7th & February 9th)
☑️ Your core team must be willing to work closely with the Advisory Board and ready to accept outsiders’ brutally honest advice on your business and strategy.

Cost: collaborative participation in EEX Journey program and co-branding with us

Right now 13 ambitious startups are participating:
9th EEX Journey (August 2021): Pinoa Foods, Luonkos, Evergreen & Manna Insect
10th EEX Journey (January 2022): CibusCell Technology, Sherwood Power, Crowd For Impact, Think RE, Nordic Bioproducts Group, Shareway, Biocode, Riot Innovations
VIS Wood

Interested? Apply here!💥

For more information, contact Elisa:

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